You and I.

Once we were the same.

Fulfilling the promise of the dreams we dared to name.

This wind,

it carries up the final breath of this globe.

Have you redeemed me?

I don't care anymore.

All the stars have their say.

We are fire for the sun.

Together we will pay the price

for all I have done.


I haven’t drawn homestuck fanart in three months.

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i normally prefer the bottom left headcanon but went ahead and drew three others

Homestuck is stupid and if you like it you’re gay and dumb.

If you like it youre an emo hipster wannabee who has no life and just wants to be popular.




 Oh my god I can’t handle how absolutely great this is

Doodles that I should probably color or something


Dave… How the fuck are you so flexible?



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more of my ships by ~charliere

Now Calm Down, It’ll Be Alright.
Things get bitter and bad sometimes, but please don’t focus on that. We’ll move on from those, and.. it’ll get better. Trust me.


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Can they just, pretty please, all turn out all right and grow up together forever. Thanks.