You and I.

Once we were the same.

Fulfilling the promise of the dreams we dared to name.

This wind,

it carries up the final breath of this globe.

Have you redeemed me?

I don't care anymore.

All the stars have their say.

We are fire for the sun.

Together we will pay the price

for all I have done.


I WANNA THANK EVERYONE WHO JOINED ME IN MY LIVESTREAM THIS EVENING. It was a long an tedious journey, wraught with confusion, hurt, and loss, but in the end we made it through to the other side, and we learned new things about ourselves. I also got engaged to Paint Tool Sai and we will be getting married in the springtime. Tessen will be our pastor.

Here’s some Karfef from the stream; the only thing I got finished due to some technical difficulties. I don’t know if the same will go for other livestreams, but this was definitely fun.