You and I.

Once we were the same.

Fulfilling the promise of the dreams we dared to name.

This wind,

it carries up the final breath of this globe.

Have you redeemed me?

I don't care anymore.

All the stars have their say.

We are fire for the sun.

Together we will pay the price

for all I have done.

Cute and beautiful by *Darkstripe4ever

"This is mostly inspired by an article I read (honestly a while ago) about a certain scientist who had suggested letting giant pandas die out since they refused to mate in captivity and did not seem cabable of adapting to their rapidly changing environment. The backlash that it got was truly something. People hated the scientist for even suggesting such blasphemy. After all, pandas are adorable and lovable creatures that deserve to live another day, regardless of how they only eat one type of plant (that is disappearing) and won’t adapt. Now, I don’t hate pandas, and I’d loathe to see them go as much as the next person, but what got me was the pure hypocrisy.

People will jump up at the sound of the bugle to defend “beautiful” and “majestic” animals. But when other animals like, say, sharks are hunted and abused people don’t care. How backwards is that? I guess because the animal is ugly to us means that it doesn’t deserve to live. We’re so holy and amazing that we just have that much power.

Some people need to jump off their pedestals and realize that we’re not all that awesome, that certain animals are not better than others, and that we’re total hypocrites. Some may say that pandas should live because they’re so wonderful and amusing to see on documentaries or at the zoo, and others may dare to include that God put them here for a reason, and that they must be preserved. Now, what about animals that are also endangered or more so that get no attention whatsoever? People cheer when they hear that sharks are being killed by the thousands, but when they hear about a kitten being kicked in the skull or a wolf being shot from an airplane it’s total madness.

Someone please explain to me this logic because it just escapes me. We don’t shed a tear when a cow is slaughtered or a pig is lashed to bits. We neither get upset when a neighbor or best friend steps on a spider or tramples on a beetle. It also doesn’t seem to bother a good majority of us when we hear about ugly alligator gars being hunted excessively, or disgusting sharks being pulled up from the ocean, dragged onto boats, torn apart, and then kicked off to then sink, bleeding and still alive, to the bottom of the ocean. But God forbid someone uses a fox skin for taxidermy, or a scientist suggests letting a doomed species just fade out of existence. Because that would be totally awful and an afront to all generations to come.”

i wasnt going to post at first but the description is rly good

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    Just adding that yes, the desire to defend/save cute things dose in fact have to do with ensuring that we don’t leave...
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    Cute and beautiful by *Darkstripe4ever “This is mostly inspired by an article I read (honestly a while ago) about a...
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    well pigs and cows and spiders aren’t endangered species...anything sharks though
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    pandas suck, save the kawaii sharks~ actually, save all the animals, fuzzy or not. :)
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    I love pandas, but I love sharks A LOT more. Love ‘em since I was a kid, and I remember reading in my shark books how...
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    “We don’t shed a tear when a cow is slaughtered or a pig is lashed to bits. We neither get upset when a neighbor or best...
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