You and I.

Once we were the same.

Fulfilling the promise of the dreams we dared to name.

This wind,

it carries up the final breath of this globe.

Have you redeemed me?

I don't care anymore.

All the stars have their say.

We are fire for the sun.

Together we will pay the price

for all I have done.



Souji is finished! Or Yu, whatever you want to call him. He’s a pretty quiet guy, I’m sure he doesn’t mind either way. I’m really happy with how this turned out, both as my first persona fanart and because I never use a green color pallet. 

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Teldryn Sero

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lord harkon’s court; the volkihar vampires

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whiterun »  ԃay & ȵight
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Video Game Meme / Seven Sceneries [3/7] → The Rift 
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i really really hate humans but not in a “boohoo society is mean so i hate everyone:((((” way its more along the lines of “the human species is disgusting, cruel, entitled, and is destroying this world and as a species and we deserve to go extinct”

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video game meme: [4/7] sceneries
The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

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Azura is the daedric prince of dusk and dawn, and one of the few not considered to be inherently evil.

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The consequences of your actions

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me talkin about skyrim on tumblr: *just reblogs nice edits n pics*

me talkin about skyrim on twitter and skype:

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