I want a pretzel…


some more tf2 map scenery speedpaints, mostly for fun but also for the sake of stepping outside my comfort zone. from top to bottom: upward, twofort and sawmill. more here

[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]
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Love Like A Sunset Parts I & II — Phoenix

In a word: Flawless

i accidentally deleted the post but heres the video that anon is talking about

Is that an anime about a dog called Weed

yes : -)



Chase Away The Night 

Leave Nothing But Fright

back on track with the collab with bubbleez, they did the pyro pic and I did the photoshops

Wow, both of these are absolutely amazing! I can’t even tell which one I like best. What an incredible collaboration. :D


the description gets me everytime

its too dark for me to take a picture of myself so have a picture of these dogs that are on tv