people run “aesthetic blogs” where they just reblog pics of like neon lights and pools of water and weird textures and stuff and i don’t really get it but i like to look at those blogs, it’s nice to know that you guys are out there, always silent, never getting into fights, just reblogging pics of wrinkled plastic bags… keep doing ur thing

i love seeing ppls ocs, but especially younger artists. they are just small and have not yet experienced the harshness of the internet. u got a sparkledog vampire with demon wings whose married to naruto? u feel like that represents u or u just like the aesthetic? thats fuckin awesome kiddo u go


I don’t give a fuck how “bad” your oc’s design is. I don’t care if the colours are bright or they have a lot of accessories or they’re a demon queen vampire werewolf horse who is dating legolas. you had fun making them and that fun was entirely harmless, self-indulgent and creative and thats great




Was the Sonic shirt not enough of a hint for you

my favorite part of forrest gump

sonic did always tell me that life is like a box of chocolates

Ginji: This reminds me of my little girl because her pants never have pockets
Morita: Haha Daddy you’re right! I neverrrrr have pockets, but that’s why you have them! You’re my pockets Daddy. ♥
gin to kin sux ass

yeah like its just two guys working at H&R block who cares about that…

gin to kin anime confirmed 2016

someone should go through and edit every page of akagi where washizu appears and just replace him with moe washizu

Satoshi Kon’s “Tokyo Godfathers” - 2003


we’re くコ:彡 entering squid territory